With Headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio Hipsy LLC is a manufacturer of adjustable, non-slip high quality headbands, serving both domestic and international markets.  Hipsy currently offers its innovative headbands in an infinite number of color combinations, styles, patterns, and custom prints.

Hipsy’s goal is to continually create a positive experience through an ongoing understanding of expectations in comfort, style and performance.  Hipsy's knowledgeable staff is empowered with a real time voice to improve operations and product quality, which insures all Hipsy products are built to last and live up to Hipsy's Lifetime Guarantee.

Hipsy Headbands
Phone: (513) 800-0447

Production Facility information:
1780 S Erie Hwy 
Hamilton, Ohio 45011

Headquarters and Mailing Information:
1780 S Erie Hwy
Hamilton, Ohio 45011

Heads Up with Hipsy

The Hipsy company was formed in 2012 with the shared desire of its founders to create the ultimate headband wearing experience. First they set out to discover women’s biggest complaints about wearing a headband. “It’s too tight.” “It’s too loose.” “It rides up.” “It slides down.” “It stretches out over time.” These were common answers.

The solution to those problems became the overriding goal of Hipsy headbands. Hipsy’s designers focused on eliminating the reasons women didn’t wear headbands all day. They designed them to be comfortable, easy to use, and stylish accessories that provide the right amount of control. They made Hipsy headbands adjustable for a perfect fit, and gave the underside a velvety texture to gently hold hair. Women who originally said, “I have a weird shaped head” or “headbands give me a headache” reported being able to wear Hipsy headbands all day with no slipping and no headache.

Hipsy proudly offers women headbands that are recognized as synonymous with “adjustable, non-slipping headbands.” Today, American-made Hipsy headbands are sold by some of the largest retailers in the US, and are rapidly gaining popularity in international markets as well.

With its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hipsy LLC manufactures its “perfect-fit…perfect-hold,” high quality headbands in a variety of colors, styles, patterns, and custom prints. Hipsy is animate about continuous innovation in creating its headbands to give women a positive, heads-up experience, while satisfying their expectations for comfort, fashion, and performance.

The Hipsy team is hardwired for improving production, quality, and wear-ability at every turn. Hipsy’s complete focus is customer satisfaction…with products that are built to last, and live up to the Hipsy Lifetime Guarantee. Your comments and ideas are welcome…actually treasured, at [email protected].

A Final Note: The Hipsy name originated on American Idol, when J Lo complimented a contestant by referring to her as “a hipsy.” Steven Tyler repeated the word “hipsy!” And then Randy Jackson chimed in: “Hipsy! I like that word.” Our founders liked it too.